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Australian Schools Connect FAQs AUS
Article Introduction

友だち 2020 signifies the foundation of the program is built on friendship and relationship building between countries.

Content List Items
Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Australian Schools with a Japanese Language program and Japanese Schools with an English Language program with students between 10-16 years of age.

Age Japan Australia
10-11 ELMN 5 Year 5
11-12 ELMN 6 Year 6
12-13 JHS 1 Year 7
13-14 JHS 2 Year 8
14-15 JHS 3 Year 9
15-16 HS 1 Year 10


Is there an age limit?

We welcome students aged between 10-16 years of age.

What are the educational outcomes?
  • Unite youth internationally to celebrate and promote the Olympic Spirit and the principles of Olympism (Excellence, Respect and Friendship)
  • Create a focal activity to connect schools internationally
  • Provide an opportunity for Australian and Japanese students to broaden their global awareness and learn about the Japanese culture and traditions and for Japanese students to learn more about Australian culture and traditions
  • Provide the opportunity for teachers to tailor intercultural learning outcomes for their language classes and share and celebrate the Olympic movement
  • Support the development of strong international relations with the Olympic Games host country
How will my class be matched?

Classes are matched according to their age or year level. Educator’s will be introduced online and given the respective contact details and email address of the other Educator to begin communicating with their connected class.

Age Japan Australia
10-11 ELMN 5 Year 5
11-12 ELMN 6 Year 6
12-13 JHS 1 Year 7
13-14 JHS 2 Year 8
14-15 JHS 3 Year 9
15-16 HS 1 Year 10


When we are matched how does it work?

The classes, through the educators will communicate via a mutually agreed platform, providing teachers and students the opportunity to directly learn and share information with their international friends.

Options include but not limited to email, video conference, video clip exchange, instant messaging, subject to the appropriate privacy permissions being granted.

Students, as a class, prepare communications (either in English or Japanese) which are sent directly via the Educators email address. The AOC recommend that only the first names of students are used in any communication.  Students within each of the matched classes are not able to connect individually, the communication is only via the Educator’s email address or other form of agreed communication.

What resources will Educators be provided with?

Educators are provided with a comprehensive communication guide with suggested themes and focal points to assist in meaningful collaboration. Australian Indigenous Culture, sports participated in within each school, Olympic Games themed activity ideas, Olympic Day and the values of Olympism will form part of the guide.

How long does the program run for?

Educators will agree to communicate at least once a fortnight at a minimum from the time the schools are connected to the formal program conclusion. It is the responsibility of the Educators in both countries to agree on a suitable timeline of communications.

Important Dates

Pilot Program in 2020 (20 schools invited to participate)

  • 26 June - Registrations open 
  • 23 July - Registrations close
  • 24 July - 24 August - Classes connected and educators introduced
  • 24 August - 31 October - Pilot program active
  • 31 October - 15 November - Pilot program review and feedback

Program in 2021

  • 19 April - Registrations Open
  • 31 May - Registrations Close
  • From 30 April - Classes Connected and Educators introduced
  • 1 May - 23 July - Program Active
  • 10 - 20 August - Program review and feedback


Program Endorsement

友だち 2020 has the approval of the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and has the support of the Australian Embassy in Japan and the Japanese Embassy in Australia and the Ministry of Education in Japan.

The Embassy’s, the Council of Local Authority of International Relations in Japan and Australia (CLAIR) and the Japanese Language Teachers Association in Australia have provided the vital connection required to successfully implement this outstanding opportunity for Schools in both countries.

Program Review and Feedback

Throughout the duration of the program, the AOC will check in with Educators regularly to ensure the program is running well and assist with any issues, should they arise.

Upon formal program completion, schools will be invited to provide feedback on program improvement and various challenges or opportunities that were encountered with key learnings and outcomes.

Communication following the formal program completion is at the discretion of the Educators.