Tokyo Unleashed Podcast: Harry Garside

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Tokyo Unleashed Podcast - Harry Garside
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From losing his first 10 fights, to winning Commonwealth Games gold, boxer Harry Garside talks to David Culbert about his journey from being the "wimp" of the family, to Tokyo 2020 contender.


Boxer Harry Garside first put on the gloves as a nine-year-old, to the great surprise of his family who were used to seeing him dusting the house with his mum and avoiding being tackled in football or hit by a cricket ball.

He lost ten out of his first 18 fights but his never-say-die attitude led him to Commonwealth Games gold on the Gold Coast in 2018.

Garside speaks about his unorthodox training methods, such as weekly ballet and army training, plus how he trains his mind by forcing himself into uncomfortable situations like karaoke.

His bedroom is plastered with various Olympic and motivational paraphernalia, which he explains motivates him on his road to Tokyo 2020.

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