Kiera Gazzard

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Artistic SwimmingKiera Gazzard
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Fast Facts

Sport: Artistic Swimming
Event: Team
Olympic History: Olympic debutante
Highlights: Helping Australia qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Year Born: 2001
State Born: NSW

Kiera Gazzard first noticed Artistic Swimming at her local pool as an eight-year-old, after spotting the Artistic Swimming team training at the other end of the pool. Shortly after, Kiera attended a ‘come and try’ lesson and was recruited for the 12 & under team.  

While she grew up training at the Sydney Emerald Synchronised Swimming Club, Keira recently moved to Queensland to train at The Gold Coast Mermaids Club.

The decision to move interstate provided the perfect opportunity for Gazzard to further develop her skills and make her into the athlete she is today.  

In 2017, Gazzard was a member of the FINA World Championships team, where Australia beat Egypt for the first time in six years. This was a massive milestone for the Australia team as Egypt was Australia's biggest competition when it comes to Olympic qualification.

Growing up, Gazzard set herself a goal to become the first Australian soloist to compete at the Junior World Championships. In 2018, she made this goal a reality when she was selected to swim solo at the FINA World Junior Championships.

As well as the Solo swim, Gazzard competed in the Duet and Team events which she said was an amazing opportunity and challenge that helped her development as a senior athlete.

The 18-year-old suffered a major setback leading into the 2019 FINA World Championships when she was diagnosed with a concussion after being kicked in the head during a training session.

Considering the World Championship event was an Olympic qualifying event, the reality of being unfit to compete was difficult for Gazzard to accept.  

However, she was able to overcome this setback and rather than compete herself, Gazzard was able to watch and learn from the sidelines, where she cheered on and supported her team throughout the qualifying event.  

Gazzard will make her Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 alongside teammates Rose Stackpole, Amie Thompson, Emily Rogers, Hannah Cross, Rachel Presser, Jane Fruzynski and Kirsten Kinash as they take on Tokyo Together.

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Who has been the most influential person in your career?

I have had so many different coaches throughout my sporting carrier, all from different countries and cultures with different coaching styles and I can say that I took a unique lesson from every coach.

The most influential coach, however, is my club coach.  She played an immense role in developing my skills and making me the athlete I am today. If she hadn’t given me the opportunity to join her club ‘The Gold Coast Mermaids Synchro Club’ I am not sure where I would be today.

She took me under her wing when I moved interstate for training and made the pool my home away from home.

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