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Artistic Swimming going to Tokyo
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Artistic SwimmingRachel Presser
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Sport: Artistic Swimming
Event: Team
Olympic History: Olympic debutante
Highlights: Helping Australia qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Year Born: 2001
State Born: NSW

Growing up on the far North Coast of NSW, Rachel Presser was an extremely active child, participating in a range of sports including dancing, gymnastics and swimming.

It wasn’t until she was nine years old that she discovered Artistic Swimming after her mother found an advertisement for the local club in the newspaper.



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Due to her sporting background, Presser found she was a natural artistic swimmer as she was able to combine her water awareness, flexibility and dancing abilities and quickly fell in love with the sport.  

A key member of the Gold Coast Mermaids Synchronised Swimming Club, Presser has been swimming with the club since she started the sport in 2009.

While doing her HSC, then 17-year-old Presser competed in her first senior competition in 2017, representing Australia at the FINA World Championships in Budapest. Here, she competed as the flyer – the team member who is thrown into the air to perform specific acrobatic skills.

She said that performing tricks and flips in the water was what made her choose Artistic Swimming over her other passions, dance, gymnastics and swimming.

Due to a previous incident as a flyer, Presser found this experience extremely nerve-racking, however, was able to overcome her fears and perform the routine seamlessly, considering it to be her best performance to date.

Presser will make her Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 alongside teammates Rose Stackpole, Amie Thompson, Emily Rogers, Hannah Cross, Kiera Gazzard, Jane Fruzynski and Kirsten Kinash.

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What's your most memorable sporting moment?

Watching the Highlight Routines of the top countries like Russia, Ukraine, Spain and China competing at the 2019 World Championships. They always bring new and creative lift ideas and they’re all just so strong and inspirational. I really love the Floor Routines of US Gymnasts Simone Biles and Katelyn Ohashi. I’m also a big fan of the Women’s Relay 4x100m Freestyle with Cate and Bronte Campbell (big fan), as well as watching Katie Ledecky and Sarah Sjostrom absolutely smash their competition.

Who has been the most inspirational person of your career?

The most influential person to me has been my club coach. She has such an all-round and in-depth knowledge of the sport. She knows exactly what it takes to have the mindset of an elite athlete; the motivation, strength, persistence, determination, and philosophy of working hard to achieve your goals. My other source of inspiration are my teammates. These people, as well as the countless other athletes of Artistic Swimming who continue to push boundaries and showcase amazing skill, technique and talent, are my inspiration and influence

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